Komvos Banausic

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Komvos Banausic
The Komvos Banausic are an advanced form of Clockwork Droid. Over the ages, they have been continuously improving themselves in a process analogous to evolution. Through this they mastered abstract thought, emotions and eventually, self-awareness.

Komvos Banausic have basic humanoid forms encased in transparent toughened plastic. Their gold and brass gears can easily be seen ticking away when they are uncovered. The constant ticking sound they make is audible, but faint. It is usually only detectable when all else is quiet. While it might seem a step backwards in design, using clockwork has several advantages. They require only the occasional winding up, something that the Komvos Banausic usually get other species to perform (to avoid breaking the laws of conservation of energy). This has the advantage of not draining or relying on local power supplies.

As the Komvos Banausic have no conventional computer systems, their brains are based more on the clockwork computer theories of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. 51st century technology has refined the system so their clockwork minds can process and store enough data to carry out complex tasks, and self-modification has evolved their minds to human-level intelligence and self-awareness.

The majority of Komvos Banausic that interact with other intelligent species adopt a flesh-like mask. Even though most species can see through the disguise, the Komvos Banausic find that they are more accepted as intelligent beings when wearing such masks, rather than being treated like mere machines.

The Komvos Banausic have numerous models which specialise in various functions. However, the most common model, model Gimcrack, is also the only model that has no specific speciality. They are, however, the most versatile of all the models. The Gimcrack are equipped with a short range teleporter, and a technology scanner. They can also heat themselves up if they get frozen and empty unwanted fluids out of their system. They are very inventive, and are able to repair themselves in a pinch with just a few spare parts.

The rulers of the Komvos Banausic are known as The Great Intelligences. These are the most intelligent of all the Komvos Banausic. They achieve this through a high level of self-modification. Unfortunately, this invariable leads to a number of mental conditions, ranging from minor eccentricities to major psychoses. However, these conditions tend to be overlooked by the Komvos Banausic population due to the advantages gained by having such intellectuals as their leaders.

Komvos Banausic

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