Paradox Diaspora

2.03 Godfather Morlock
In which Godfather Morlock elucidates

While Sylar and The Master (aka Mr Konig, aka The War King, current ruler of Gallifrey) enter Parliament to see (and perhaps prevent) what damage Cousin Eliza may have done to organise the Faction to leave the Eleven Day Empire, Jim and David receive the attentions of Godfather Morlock which gives David a terrible headache.

2.02 Westminster Palace
In which Mr Konig goes to Parliament

The group encounter an argument outside Westminster between Godfather Morlock and Godmother Quelch, nevertheless Mr Konig disappears inside to have a word with the Fathers and Mothers in the House of Commons, followed by Cousin Saul, Quelch and later Sylar.

This leaves Jim and David to Morlock’s undivided attention.

2.01 Faction Paradox
In which the Faction is bumped into and it begins to bump back

Making their way through the crowd, Konig dragoons a Cousin into showing them the way. Meanwhile David remembers.

1.05 Diplomacy
In which the Faction is encountered

Traveling to Trafalgar Square the group decides on following the advice of Craig Konig and to plunge into their midst. What have they to lose?

1.04 Out of the church
In which aliens come out of the church

While discussing their next course of action outside the church, the Sontaran approaches. The group hides but don’t count on the scanner held by the Sontaran. But then the Sontaran didn’t count on the old man with the wooden beam hitting him on the head.

The old man wants to go to Parliament, and on the way he explains things. Well – what he regards as explanation.

1.03 All Soul’s Church
In which aliens go to church

Returning to the scene of David’s first appearance, the group discover it being investigated by a Sontaran. Behind the caved in roof he scans an anomaly on the wall

Tricking the Sontaran, Jim is able to glean some information on current politics.

1.02 Out of the ship
In which strangers carry things and voices are heard

A strange and intimidating figure appeared out of the depths of the fallen ship carrying loot. Establishing his identity as Sylar, a fellow “arrivee under mysterious circumstances” he provides the group so far with a battle report found near the corpse of a Sontarran.

1.01 Stumbling in the dark
In which rocks move, ships crash and buildings are timeless

Wandering the abandoned streets of an 18th century London with fixtures and odd buildings of more modern appearance, Jim investigates a noise to discover a 21st century Pennsylvanian on whom it appears a church had fallen.

Gathering their wits and wills, they set forth to investigate London and come across a
scrap of newspaper and a crashed space ship.


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