Paradox Diaspora

There are monsters in 18th century London

Note – This campaign has ceased and become private as it may appear in a convention format in the near future and I want to avoid spoilers

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Game Information

A PBeM/PbP game set in the universe of the Doctor Who spinoff, Faction Paradox.

Game Rules

  • System: Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITAS)
  • Setting: Sometime during the new series – but in 18th century London. Non-native characters do not need to come up with a backstory of how they came to be there.
  • Player Knowledge: None required
  • Rules Knowledge: None required (rules are quite simple)
  • Allowed Characters: Any race in Doctor Who (requires GM approval), Human or variant of does not require approval. No Time Lords. Prefer no “mindless” or drone-like races either (no Daleks, Cybermen or infected/possessed race types)
  • Notes: Character backgrounds may be modified for plot reasons. Game will be played online. Story Points will be awarded for player contributions.

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Paradox Diaspora

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